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Based in Snohomish, just north of Seattle, Vista Clara Coffee provides fresh roasted coffee to individuals, espresso bars, coffee shops, restaurants and offices of all sizes across the United States.

Coffee is a lifelong passion of owner and master roaster Dave Stewart, who takes great pride in his unique coffee blends. Over the years he has developed a signature flavor and style that is extremely smooth. This coffee is enjoyed by discerning coffee drinkers throughout the US.

Top quality coffee beans are roasted fresh to order and delivered to customers immediately. Freshness is the key to quality. You will notice the difference in the deep roasted espresso, full bodied drip, elegant French press, and smooth cold brew coffees. Vista Clara offers several varietal and specialty blends including six different espresso blends.

Vista Clara Coffee's roots reach back to 1970 when Dave partnered with his brother to open the Wet Whisker ice cream and coffee shop in Coupeville on Whidbey Island. At first, the two served their custom coffee blends to a small, but appreciative, customer base. But word of the brothers' rich roasted beans soon reached the mainland and they opened a shop on Pier 70 along Seattle’s waterfront.

The business evolved over the years with the introduction of Stewart Brother's Coffee (now, Seattle's Best Coffee) and 15 "On The Go" Espresso bars throughout the Seattle area.

Dave started the Vista Clara Coffee business -- wholesale and retail coffee roasting -- in 1997, where he continues to funnel his 40+ years of sourcing, roasting, and blending experience into our coffee.

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