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The David Workout FAQs

Discover the strongest version of yourself!

What are the benefits of this style of workout?

Little perspiration, no gym clothes required, seated exercises for comfort and confidence,

slow or static exercises to avoid exercise injuries, improved cardiovascular function and

bone density, faster metabolism, better posture, increased energy and vitality and all of

the other benefits of building muscle. 


How much does it cost?

Single sessions are $40 with package discounts available. (Tax not included and prices subject to change.) 


What can I ‘google’ to learn more about this style of training?

Body By Science, Doug McGuff, Drew Baye or fit20                     (Note: MEDfit is not directly affiliated with these fitness professionals.) 

Will I expect to lose weight with this kind of workout?

Improved muscle tone and metabolism are anticipated with consistent weight training. Clients experience faster fat loss and body-sculpting results with The David Workout  (body-sculpting coaching). 


What is a The David Workout workout?

The David Workout is a unique style of strength training or weight lifting. The workout is geared towards new exercisers, deconditioned or “time-starved,” busy individuals and seniors. Exercises are performed, primarily, on David Health Solution’s All-In-One device (see photo of “the David” below). 

How long are the workouts? For most people, workouts last 20 minutes, performed once or twice a week. There is little chit-chat during the session, just meaningful, hard work.


Who is the coach? 

Megan Usui, a Seattle native and mother of two boys, has been in the fitness industry since 1992 and has lost and kept off over 60 pounds since that time. She has worked as a fitness director, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, weight loss coach and swim instructor at health clubs and recreation centers, big and small, in California, New York, Virginia and Washington State. Most notably, she has served as the fitness director of the Washington Athletic Club located in downtown Seattle, a center director for Medifast Weight Control Centers and Ladies’ Fitness Director at the University Club of New York. In addition to High Intensity Resistance Training, some of her past certifications include National Academy of Sports Medicine (CPT), National Exercise Trainer Association (Group Fitness), IHRSA University, APEX Fitness, Skogg Kettlebell Method, Functional Movement Screen, Zumba, Turbokick and AquaMotion Water Fitness. Megan graduated from Sweet Briar College in 1997 and remains a curious student who enjoys all that she learns from her clients through the joy of training.

How do I make an appointment for a consultation?

Call (360) 868-4242, text (206) 303-8658 or email


"I started going to Megan because I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and needed to do weight bearing exercises. I now feel healthier, stronger and more confident. I trust Megan in her expertise as a trainer and love that she is a very good communicator and that I can easily fit exercising into my day."

~ Joan Stewart 

“It works! All you have to do is show up.”

~ Rich Boyden 

“I thought ‘beach-worthy’ arms were a thing of the past but with MEDfit I am enjoying toned arms again! I have never worked with an exercise program that has shown me such quick and impressive results.” 

~ Terry Lippincott, Snohomish Friends of the Library President 

"Megan is a superb coach. She assisted me in setting realistic goals and provided a structure of both personal accountability and accountability to her program, fully designed to fit my individual needs. No judgment; just great coaching allowing for great personal success on my part. I feel great!"

~ Melody Clemans 

“I can’t tell you how strong I’m getting!”

~ Mark Henry, Mark Henry’s “Secret Snohomish Garden” 

“Megan motivates us to develop our physical strength by her positive attitude, dedication and use of a proven efficient system. Her knowledge and flexibility with each of our needs is refreshing. We would highly recommend her to busy people of any age who want results that improve your life with a coach who keeps you accountable.”

~ Bob & Jody Berntson, Berntson Porter & Co. 

“This twice a week work out is to keep myself going as I get older to keep myself in shape and muscles built up! I have been going since February of 2018 and it's been great!”

~ Dave Stewart, Vista Clara Coffee Roasters 

“50 pounds gone!!! Thank you, Megan! I could not have done this without you!”

~ Shelley Michael 

“I felt soft and out of shape and wanted to improve my strength. With Megan and MEDfit, combined with mindful eating habits, I found my ‘hourglass’, lost 15 lbs, and 2 pants sizes, and my cholesterol has dropped into a normal range.”

~ Marcella Rockenbach, Greg’s Custom Fishing Rods, Lake Stevens 


“I never have to talk myself into going to MEDfit and am very unhappy when I cannot go!”

~ Donna Lowell 

"Megan inspires and motivates me and has helped me feel better! I very much like the MEDfit one-on-one method because there is no heavy impact on my body, especially my back. My arms have more definition and I’ve lost 2” around my waist, in addition to getting back down to a comfortable weight.”

~ Ginger Bernauer 

"Megan's coaching has increased my physical and psychological strength and helped me push to the next level in my personal and professional life. The depth of her knowledge is truly unique."

~ James Olliffe

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