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Hi! I'm Rebecca Hrdlika LMT.

I am excited for just about everything in life. My passion for living is contagious. I have a huge family and I work in the evenings so that I can still be mamma bear to all of my kiddos and best friend (aka husband).


After working with chiropractors and healers for over 10 years, I was faced with a need to find a career that allowed her to be 100% available for my children, one of which being special needs. After training with an amazing team and instructor of 27 years, I spent my first year out of school working alongside intuitive practitioners and specialists that led me to learn about truly listening to the body, trusting my own intuition, and being there to assist in its healing process.


I specializes in treatment work and specific injury focus, including auto injury rehabilitation and sports injuries. I often use deep tissue, myofascial release, cupping, scraping and Thai stretching techniques to allow maximum results. I truly love being an LMT and enjoy helping to lay the stepping stones to my client's treatment goals.


Hi, I'm Andrew


My goals for all my clients is always to make them feel better then when they walked in even its a small improvement. I treat every session like its my first and always attempt to pinpoint the exact area of pain or tension to achieve the best outcome possible.


My favorite massage modalities are definitely sport, because of the specific treatment style of work along with stretching and trigger point therapy being able to be incorporated together creating a effective and relaxing therapy session.

Cupping and hot stones are also modalities I love a lot. I using them for deep tissue and for people who really need a little extra attention.

Book with me on Saturdays!

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