We wanted to get ahead of the questions, we know you will all have. So here we are addressing the elephant in the world.


Q-Will you still be able to open on May 1st!? 

A- Yes. We are considered essential as we are a dietary supplement store and limited grocery 1st and foremost. We will not be holding classes or having any of our non-essential practitioners working till we get the all clear from the Governor.

Q- Will you have online ordering?

A-YES! We will not only have online ordering and curbside pickup. BUT, We will also offer delivery for the immune compromised at no cost, and to the healthy for a small fee.

Q-Will your entire stock be available online?

A-Yes. We will even have our farm fresh vegetables and raw milk on there.

Q-Will we be able to come shop at the store?

A- Yes, being an essential business means you can come shop with us. There will still be extra              protocols in place to allow for social distancing and lots of disinfecting going on to ensure we all stay healthy.

Q-Has anyone working there, to build the store been sick?

A- NO! We have all been well and doing our part to stay that way. We have the inside scoop on all the immunity builders and they really work!

Q-Will you have toilet paper?

A-No. We will not be stocking that. We will however have hand sanitizers and lots of immune boosters and fantastic cleaning products!

Q-Will you be allowing those who cannot wear masks to shop in store?

A- Yes, we will be allowing those without masks to shop in store as we serve those with various medical conditions who are not able to wear them, we respect all people in our store.


In these situations. We will easily be able to maintain a 6ft distance as well as disinfect our store regularly.

We are in no way suggesting anyone make up lies or fake any kind of illness. We are following the guidelines set by the state. 

If you have any kind of communicable illness or symptoms you are worried about spreading, please call ahead and we can help you get what you need with no issues and limited contact.