Pili Bar- Ultimate Keto Chocolate Bar

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Looking for a Keto friendly chocolate bar? We have created this revolutionary new concept in Chocolate for low-carb chocolate lovers. We honestly believe this the best tasting low-carb chocolate in the world!
An average 40g chocolate bar contains about 20g of sugar, making it a Keto nightmare. Our new Keto chocolate bar contains only 6 grams of net carbs per serving. And NO Added Sugar. We have TWO VERSIONS: WITH ROCK SALT & NO ROCK SALT.

Made with Organic Regenerative Cacao

Available in a Chunky Salt Version, and a batch with no rock salt!

This is the real deal.

Our chocolate bar contains Imlak’esh Organics’ Regenerative Cacao, a sustainable alternative to mass produced cacao. Unlike its counterpart, regenerative cacao is grown in a diverse shade-grown agroforestry ecosystem with 35-40 heirloom cacao varieties. This ecological design system allows for the regeneration of diverse flora and wildlife while eliminating the risk of catastrophic crop failure. By purchasing our Keto Chocolate Bar you are directly supporting rainforests, as well as social and ecological diversity.

Salted and Unsalted Keto PiliBar Ingredients: Organic Regenerative Cacao Paste, Wild Pili Nuts, Organic Erythritol, Organic Stevia, Organic Monk Fruit, Organic Chicory Inulin & Himalayan Salt.

NEW PiliBar w/ Coconut Sugar Ingredients: Organic Cacao Paste, Wild Pili Nuts, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Cacao Butter, Himalayan Pink Salt & Stevia.

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